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NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc. (NTS) mission and focus is to develop, manufacture and market magnetically targeted drug delivery systems. The platform system is based on magnetic nanoparticles attached to the therapeutic molecules and medicinal drug, and its non-invasive magnetic guiding system.

NTS is an early stage company based in Oklahom, based on joint research and development of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City and BBMS Ltd., an Israeli startup (“the Parties”). The Parties have concluded a feasibility demonstration in which the technology for heart applications has been demonstrated in initial animal trials.

The Company is presently completing its validation studies, establishing the first prototype, conduct further pre-clinical trials, starts the regulatory process with the FDA, and prepare for production.

The Company’s team is composed of 13 investigators from Department of Physiology and the Heart Rhythm Institute, Department of Medicine, OU-Norman, and BBMS Ltd. an Israeli based company.

NTS is currently working on 2 nanomedicine applications  utilizing magnetic drug targeting technology:

1. Treating and preventing cardiac arrhythmias

2. Infected wounds and diabetic wounds


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