NTS Solution for AF

NTS presents a novel alternative to radio-frequency (RF) cardiac ablation that utilizes the important role of the atrial surface ganglionated plexi (GP) in the onset of AF. The procedure consists of an injectable formulation of magnetic nanoparticles carrying calcium that will be targeted to the GP by a precise external magnetic field.
Once targeted, calcium will be released and inactivate the GP, terminating AF. RF ablation risks, such as damage to cardiac muscle are eliminated. Early data indicate that after the targeted therapy, AF will be inhibited and the need for medications substantially diminished. NTS targeted therapy is significantly shorter, safer and less expensive than RF ablation.

  • Nanoformulation is injected into a coronary artery.
  • Nanoformulation reaches the microcirculation.
  • External magnetic field pulls nanoformulation out of microcirculation into the GP.

NTS Solution for POAF

Injecting micro-amounts of a (non-magnetic) nanoformulation containing CaCl2 into targeted GPs at the end of open-heart surgery prevents POAF. The procedure involves a nanoformulation (PLGA-CaCl2) that is injected using NTS’s proprietary microinjector. The formulation is prepared in the operating room using NTS’s proprietary microsonicator.